Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 6 - Cancun (Mexico)

Went for a morning swim in Playa Del Carmen, but the water is not as good as Tulum one, as there are many boats along the beach. After that, we decided to drive back to Cancun and return our car and go to dive in Cancun underwater museum of art.

As usual, lotsa things are not within our control. The traffic wasn't good and we had difficulties finding gas station to fill up the tank before returning the car. We went to the dive operator later than expected, and picked our diving gears. 

The challenge was that the departure is at 2.15pm, and we had 30mins to check-in hotel (to leave our baggage) and return our rented car (too ambitious!!!). I left my friends at Hyatt Regency hotel to check-in first and I drove to return the car. The traffic was really bad, and I had a heated argument with the car rental company who wanted to charge me an additional for 2 hours late.

I decided not to return the car and the traffic back to dive center was really bad as well. In the end, I reached the dive center at around 2.45pm (and saw the boat leaving in a distance). 

I was really disappointment that I did not get to dive at this underwater museum. I couldn't do it the next day, as I was supposed to take a flight to Havana (ie. diving is not allowed 24hours before a flight). 

At the same time, I reckon that this is life. You can't have everything, and sometimes, things don't go your way. But as long as I tried, that's good enough. =)

If I can't let it go, I can't move on.
If I can't let it go, I will be full of anger.
Let it go, that's the antidote.

While my friends went ahead with the underwater museum trip, I decided to check-in to Hyatt Regency Hotel to enjoy myself.

Hyatt Regency Hotel 

Beautiful Sunset
Hyatt Regency Hotel 

Amazing view.
Love Cancun!!

Night scene in Cancun.
I thought I went Las Vegas!!!

Fish Tacos.

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