Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 11 - Trinidad (Cuba)

Blas (the CASA owner, who used to be a senior civil engineer)

Highly recommend it, as he is a wonderful person who speaks good english. I had a good time chatting with him about the education system in Cuba and other things. For instance: It is easier to get into medicine faculty than engineering faculty in University, as the govt wants to have more doctors.

Colourful Street of Trinidad

Colourful Street of Trinidad

No cars, Laid-back, Slow... Love it.

Tricycle-Taxi Driver smoking cigar

Chilling out...

Take a stool out and mingle.


Live Band and Street Vendors

Street View

City Center

We were as colourful as Trinidad. =)

Street View

Love the rich colour

Public Library
It is quite old and not well-kept.


Cash Register

Ration Store
(where the local can either get their food ration or buy the essential items at a very very low price).

List of items and prices.

Essential items - Sugar, rice, Salt etc....

A cartoon of eggs is around US$0.20!!!
It is like FREE!!! (Highly subsidized by the govt).

Painting of Che

Met an interesting dude who is really good at rapping.
Sang about fucking in Singapore. Haha....

Young girls dancing in a local community center.

Young girls dancing in a local community center.


This gal is quite impressive - nice moves and very serious about getting it right.

Love the lighting of this picture.


Another group of kids dancing

Trinidad Old Town

Panorama View

Cool travelers (2 young kids + 1 more coming)


Beautiful Sunset.

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