Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post Trip Thoughts

I realized that I missed California a lot.
I did not have much money when I was a student in California,
 but life was so much more fun and exciting and fulfilling.
Money is not everything.
I am sure of that.


Whenever I visit ancient monuments and museums,
it reminded me of the Impermanence of Life.

Things always change.
Life is short.


Always be grateful.
Fortunate to complete visiting all the new 7 wonders of the world.

While it might seem to be just a ticking a item off the bucket list, along the way, I have seen so many interesting cultures and met so many interesting people.

For every new experience, I am richer person (not financially)


Missing the dive in underwater museum is such a good lesson.
I was extremely disappointed when it happened.

On a hindsight, it is a good experience.
I realized that my desire brought me so much pain and happiness.
Desire could be good and bad.
If it is a wrong desire, it creates lotsa cravings for it.
One would over-estimate the value of the item of desire.
Very often, when you get it, it is unsatisfactory.
You get sick of it and move it.

That's the nature of human mind.
Be mindful.
Be aware of it.


Che led an inspiring life.
He is an idealist.

Would you choose a meaningful short life or a meaningless long life?
I would choose the former.


Cuban seems to have more human touch.
People seems to take care of each other more.
I like to think that without PC and internet, you have more time for interpersonal interaction and more time to build relationship through face-to-face interaction.

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